Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation (PBFR)

In physiotherapy, the clinical application of PBFR utilizes a Class 1 medical tourniquet system (FDA approved device) during exercise training. This unique method of rehabilitation results in enhanced strength gains and muscle hypertrophy that can usually only be attributed to high intensity strength training. However with PBFR, these enhanced strengthening, athletic performance and injury repair benefits are achieved instead with low intensity exercise, thereby protecting the injured area from heavier loading as it heals.
This safe and innovative form of rehabilitation benefits all conditions related to sports medicine and post-surgical orthopaedics (for example: bone fractures, tendon, muscle and ligament injuries) and is now offered at Go! Physiotherapy Sports + Wellness Centre.
Physiotherapist, Susan Deslippe is a clinical instructor of PBFR. Contact Go! Physiotherapy to schedule an appointment and learn more.