Sitting Kills infographic

We are increasingly a sitting culture and we can mainly attribute it to the advancement and ever-increasing prevalence of technology. I saw this illustration the other day and thought it was a clever description of how “sitting kills” us. I find that in practice, I am seeing people with problems that are rooted in living too sedentary a lifestyle. Unfortunately, exercising for 30 to 60 minutes a day is not always enough when compared to sitting for 8 hours or more during the day. As a result, I am often tell people that they need to simply move!

Now I can’t say that I agree with some of their recommendations, but the general idea is there. Have a look, and below, I will share with you my concerns.

Sitting is Killing You

For example, they demonstrate a fingertip-to-toe touching stretch. Not a safe stretch for people with disc problems in their back! In fact in people with disc problems, this stretch will worsen the injury.

Later on they recommend sitting at 135 degrees. Look at the person’s neck. It is so flexed forward that it is even painful to look at. They will get neck and back aches with potential symptoms in the arm in no time!

Nevertheless, this is a good reminder for us to try to incorporate more movement throughout the day. Check back in later when I will try to offer some more practical tips to battle a sedentary lifestyle.


Grace Cheung is a physiotherapist at Go! Physiotherapy Sports and Wellness Centre in Vancouver.

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