Exercise Therapy in Physio Therapy

FAQ for patients

Do I need a doctor's referral to book an appointment? No.

How much does it cost per visit? $70. We book on the half hour. We are also happy to book 45 minutes and one hour appointments, which are recommended for first time visits.

Do you take ICBC claims? Yes. However, you will be charged a user fee as ICBC does not cover the full cost of treatment.

Do you take WCB claims? No, not at this time.

Do you make orthotics? No, but we can assess your need for orthotics and refer you to a pedorthist.

FAQ for insurers

Can you perform an assessment and write a treatment plan and report for my client? Yes. We can tailor the assessment and report to your needs.

Do you provide conditioning programs? The Go! Physiotherapists have had experience teaching kinesiologists injury-appropriate exercises and directing individualized post-MVA programs. We provide a "Get Going" program that combines physiotherapy with a goal-oriented exercise program, where your client will be taught the appropriate conditioning exercises in addition to education and manual therapy as needed.

Exercise Therapy

Our physiotherapy assessments often reveal tight or weak muscles, and many people don’t realize that strong and flexible muscles are necessary for their bodies to function optimally. In fact, excellent balance and quick reaction times are also required for best performance. Thus, exercise can actually be an excellent form of therapy.
Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people to take time off work and sport. Back pain can impact every aspect of your life and daily activity.  In fact, the stabilizing muscles of the back start to atrophy (waste) within 24 hours of experiencing back pain and injury, regardless of the cause. So even when your pain is resolved, this weakness persists unless the spinal muscles are specifically re-trained.

What Can Exercise Therapy Do To Help?

You may want to learn how to increase cardiovascular fitness safely, or to lose weight. We provide home or gym exercise programs that suit your lifestyle . Alternately, you may prefer to learn just a few key home exercises or you may be keen to commit to doing a full workout several times a week. Either way, we can provide a program that is effective for you.

Our clinic gym equipment includes a shuttle which was originally an exercise machine developed by NASA for space travel. A simulated leg-press exercise is carried out on the shuttle in a lying position with the addition of minimal or moderate resistance as needed. We also have a variety of balance boards, a bosu trainer, various weights, foam rolls and resistive bands. Our facility also provides platforms for plyometric exercise, a recumbent bicycle, and a slide-board to simulate an ice surface for hockey players.

A biofeedback (BFB) unit or electromyography (EMG) unit are very useful devices used by physiotherapists at Go! which measures the electrical impulses generated by muscles. To strengthen your muscle, we put electrodes on the weak muscle and when a certain threshold is generated, the unit beeps which reinforces a strong effort. We also use muscle stimulation, where electrodes put on your muscles generate an impulse  to cause the muscle to contract  strongly as you exercise. In this way, your muscles are strengthened quicker than through exercise alone.

Exercise Prescription Varies With Age

Adolescents, during periods of rapid growth, may become inflexible and somewhat weak and uncoordinated. Your physiotherapist can highlight poor posture by taking photographs which show uncorrected, and subsequently, corrected posture for feedback. Once poor postural habits are identified, they are easily modified at a young age. While adolescents are challenged with rapid growth, middle aged adults tend to lose muscle strength without regular exercise to maintain strength. In addition, older adults are at greater risk of various soft-tissue injuries if their exercise regimen is progressed too rapidly or their exercise technique and movement patterns are faulty. At Go! our physiotherapists provide appropriate exercises for any age and for any level of activity.


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