IMS | Acupuncture

FAQ for patients

Do I need a doctor's referral to book an appointment? No.

How much does it cost per visit? $70. We book on the half hour. We are also happy to book 45 minutes and one hour appointments, which are recommended for first time visits.

Do you take ICBC claims? Yes. However, you will be charged a user fee as ICBC does not cover the full cost of treatment.

Do you take WCB claims? No, not at this time.

Do you make orthotics? No, but we can assess your need for orthotics and refer you to a pedorthist.

FAQ for insurers

Can you perform an assessment and write a treatment plan and report for my client? Yes. We can tailor the assessment and report to your needs.

Do you provide conditioning programs? The Go! Physiotherapists have had experience teaching kinesiologists injury-appropriate exercises and directing individualized post-MVA programs. We provide a "Get Going" program that combines physiotherapy with a goal-oriented exercise program, where your client will be taught the appropriate conditioning exercises in addition to education and manual therapy as needed.

IMS | Acupuncture

IMS is a needling technique using a fine acupuncture needle to help reduce adverse tone in tight muscle bands or trigger points that contribute to pain and dysfunction. By targeting localized areas of tightness with the needle insertion, a ‘muscle cramping’ and reflex relaxation is produced in the muscle. This helps to relieve pressure on tender joint structures and in the muscles themselves which in turn influences pain and inflammation produced by the adverse tightness. While some discomfort during treatment is expected, the improvement in pain and muscle tightness is quite dramatic and most importantly, long lasting. We complete a special assessment to determine if this modality of treatment is appropriate for you.

Chronic conditions typically respond well to IMS. These include: fibromyalgia, chronic whiplash associated neck pain, TMJ (jaw) pain, low back pain such as degenerative disc disease, ‘piriformis syndrome’ or buttock pain, tennis elbow, shoulder strain and frozen shoulder, hip and knee pain and chronic inflammatory conditions such as plantar fasciitis or overuse injuries.

The recommended dosage for IMS is once a week to allow the body to recover and heal between treatments.  The effects are cumulative – each needling session stimulates a certain degree of healing until eventually the condition dissipates as muscles become less tight and nerves become less super-sensitive.

Advanced post-graduate training and certification is required for all therapists to perform this technique. Therapists at Go! Physiotherapy are fully certified and experienced in this form of treatment and are credentialed with CGIMS following their name.

Acupuncture Treatment

This form of treatment has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practitioners of TCM believe that there is a vital force or energy called qi (pronounced "chee") that flows through the body along channels or pathways called meridians. Qi regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the body. Acupuncture may be used to raise or lower the level of qi in a specific part of the body in order to restore the energy balance. Needles are inserted at specific points on the body to re-balance this energy.

It is believed that the needles form an external stimulus, leading to the release of endorphins which are known to be ‘natural painkillers’. This process initiates the self-healing process within the body.

Conditions For Which Acupuncture Is A Very Effective Choice Of Treatment

Headaches or migraines, arthritic inflammatory conditions, post-operative pain, muscle & joint stiffness and pain, tendonitis, general aches and pains, neck and back stiffness, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, complex regional pain syndrome, whiplash associated disorders and stress related conditions.

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