Sports Injuries - Rehabilitation and Prevention

FAQ for patients

Do I need a doctor's referral to book an appointment? No.

How much does it cost per visit? $70. We book on the half hour. We are also happy to book 45 minutes and one hour appointments, which are recommended for first time visits.

Do you take ICBC claims? Yes. However, you will be charged a user fee as ICBC does not cover the full cost of treatment.

Do you take WCB claims? No, not at this time.

Do you make orthotics? No, but we can assess your need for orthotics and refer you to a pedorthist.

FAQ for insurers

Can you perform an assessment and write a treatment plan and report for my client? Yes. We can tailor the assessment and report to your needs.

Do you provide conditioning programs? The Go! Physiotherapists have had experience teaching kinesiologists injury-appropriate exercises and directing individualized post-MVA programs. We provide a "Get Going" program that combines physiotherapy with a goal-oriented exercise program, where your client will be taught the appropriate conditioning exercises in addition to education and manual therapy as needed.

Sports Injuries

Whether you have a sprained ankle, torn knee ligament, groin or back injury, we will help you return to play. With specific exercise prescription, hands on therapy, and modalities (such as ultrasound, laser, muscle stimulation or biofeedback) we will guide you through the early, middle and late phases of the healing and repair process.

Sport specific testing will be carried out to assess your readiness to return to play. Athletic tape can protect and stabilize an injured joint to enable the repairing ligaments and muscles to heal. We will advise you about appropriate braces and splints if needed. Our gym is stocked with a variety of equipment such as an exercise bike, a shuttle, wobble boards, and bosu balls.

Athelete Screening Programs

Both national team and recreational athletes participate in our athlete screening programs. Muscle strength and flexibility, balance, posture and the ability to do sport-specific functional movements areĀ  evaluated. We give the athlete a set of exercises to improve any weakness that is found and monitor their progress over time.
Athlete screening has been proven to prevent and reduce injuries and improve performance. Indeed many young athletes commonly tear knee ligaments (such as the anterior cruciate ligament or the medial ligament of the knee) and most of these injuries are preventable. At Go! we evaluate the movement pattern that the athlete uses to pivot, cut, and decelerate, often using video analysis and feedback to analyse faulty movement patterns and to enhance corrective re-training with specific exercise solutions.

Age Specific Athletic Injuries

Not only do our athletes range from amateurs to professionals, but they also range from ages 5 to 95!  Physiotherapists at Go! have the skills to cater to all age groups. Middle aged people also enjoy our screening programs. Whether you are a skier who wants to avoid knee injuries, a walker who would like to lose weight and become more fit, or a runner who experiences pain in the hips, knees and feet, we can advise you how to become more active without injuring yourself. After examining your joints, posture and strength we provide a personalized program to enable you to achieve your recreational goals. For runners, we assess your running style, current training methods and your footwear. Age-related physical changes inevitably occur in the body from one decade to the next. At Go! we will help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls that affect many aging athletes.


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