4 Things You Can Do for Neck and Back Pain

Physiotherapists at Go! have invested years of post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of neck and back pain.

Whether you struggle with a brand new injury or a chronic problem, our physiotherapists will perform a biomechanical assessment of your spine to determine the causes of the back pain. We will also perform other safety tests to rule out other causes of your pain.

Many neck and back issues stem from poor muscle stabilization in the spine.

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We will help you to manage and decrease your neck and/or lower back pain with manual therapy and manipulation, exercises, soft tissue techniques and treatment modalities such as ultrasound, laser, electrotherapy, and therapeutic and prophylactic taping techniques.

Posture assessment

This is a major part of our physiotherapists’ assessment. By assessing your posture, your physiotherapist will determine which areas of the neck and spine are tight, stiff, overused or underused. This, in combination with other aspects of our examination, will determine the treatment approach that we expect to be most effective in relieving your pain and preventing recurrent episodes . This may involve providing you with information regarding your specific postural strengths and weaknesses, teaching you a few exercises to address any deficiencies and/or providing other manual therapy techniques and modalities.

Assessing your posture will help our physiotherapists determine the most effective treatment to relieve your pain.

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Core stability

Many neck and back problems can result from poor muscle stabilization of the spine. We determine which aspect of your core strength requires improvement.

The concept of “core stability” has recently become misleading in popular culture because it has become popular to “work on the core”. However, unbeknown to many, these exercises are often taught and performed incorrectly. Poor technique will actually contribute to worsening neck or back pain!

What our clients are saying

I cannot recommend Go! Physiotherapy enough. Not only did my physiotherapist diagnose and help me quickly and safely recover from a back injury, but she was able to figure out why the injury had happened in the first place (meaning my chance for re-injury was significantly decreased). She even figured out the causes for other pains I was having in years past (seemingly unrelated to my current injury, but all coming from the same issue with posture) that other physiotherapists were not able to help me with!

Biofeedback techniques and EMG

Sometimes it is hard to actually feel which muscles you are supposed to be working! In order to improve core muscle recruitment, we will use a biofeedback unit or an EMG (electromyography) device to provide a better sense of how your core muscles are recruited in the neck and back.

Our physiotherapists analyze muscle recruitment with specialized devices to provide you with the best therapies for your neck and back pain.

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Neck pain and headaches

Whiplash injuries and sedentary desk jobs are some of the most common causes of acute and chronic neck pain and related headaches. When treating the neck, we often see reductions in the severity, frequency and duration of headaches, along with reduced muscle tension and improved joint flexibility.

Call us at 604 568 4628 or book an appointment online today for more information on how you can finally discover the underlying cause of your neck and back pain, and experience liberty from stiffness and pain.

What our clients are saying

As an active 53 year old born with a bone deformity in my lower back, I’ve tried dozens of physiotherapists and chiropractors. They all seemed to have their set routine/style but no one ever seemed to make any real difference. I finally stumbled onto Go! Physio. They don’t just go through the motions. They assess, asks questions and always seems to have a grasp of the source of my pain to come up with a variety of treatments, stretches and/or exercises. Beyond their team’s talent, they’re genuine, kind and caring.

Call us at 604 568 4628 for more information on any of our physiotherapy services. Even if you don’t see a treatment on the list, give us a ring and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction!

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