Move It or Lose It: Regular Movement Improves Your Health and Happiness

I am really appreciating Dr Mike Evans’ informative videos on how movement and exercise can help us live better.

Let’s Make Our Day Harder

By Dr. Mike Evans

Why do I love it so much? Because a good majority of people I see in the clinic come in with aches and pains, not necessarily because of their sport, but because of their lack of it.

Our bodies were not meant for so little movement that our sedentary lifestyles offer. One thing I do to make myself to work a little harder is to use a heavy steel framed bike when I bike to work!


Starting with something that you already do on a daily basis, like a regular commute, can help integrate new, healthy habits into your lifestyle. How can you incorporate more movement into your daily routine?

Grace Cheung is a physiotherapist who specializes in treating musicians and performing artists. She is also a musician and plays violin, piano, guitars and is now learning the cello. Grace is co-owner of Go! Physiotherapy Sports and Wellness Centre.

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